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Welcome to Beulah Michigan Church of Christ


We are Family :  )

We are the family of God, joint heirs with Jesus.

Home Bible Studies

We can do in home bible studies for you and your neighbors or one on one studies with you if you prefer.

Church Family

Want to be part of God's family?  It is possible.  Sometimes God's family can be even closer than the family you grew up in.

Bible Reading

Please start by reading Col. CH 3 then read Romans CH 6.

Prayer list

Do you or a friend need prayers?  Please fill out the contact form provided.


About Our Church

 Beulah Michigan Church of Christ

Come assemble with us.  We try our best to follow God's word and do bible things bible ways.  We are more likely to give you an answer for God's word than to tell you what we think ourselves.  Wouldn't you really rather hear what God has to say about the matter anyway?


Opening Hours

Come meet with Us!

Bible Class 10am Sunday

​​Assembly 11am Sunday


"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see"

Mark Twain


Contact Us

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